Generations of land specialists

Generations of land specialists

Real Estate Services

Fladeboe Auctions Land Company, LLC, offers live auctions, sealed bid and conventional real estate listings.  With over 30 years of experience, we will work with you to identify the best method for your sale.

In this competitive market, selling your property by public auction with open and competitive bidding lets the free market enterprise system to work for you.  Annually, over 50 billion dollars of real estate is sold in the United States using the auction method.  Fladeboe Auctions maintains a vast list of potential buyers and targets it to attract the best audience for your auction.  They effectively create competition by building excitement for your selling advantage.  The buyer pays the commission and you sell your property "As Is."

Fladeboe Auctions is bonded, licensed, and members of the Minnesota State and National Auctioneers Associations.

Services include:

  • Live auctions, sealed bid, and conventional listings
  • Full-time professional auctioneers
  • In-depth consultation and guaranteed proposals
  • Customizable, targeted marketing and advertising program
  • Email and postal mail campaigns with extensive prospective buyers lists
  • Wireless, computerized clerking and cashiering
  • Poster and media distribution
  • Live online & online only auctions (if applicable)
  • Multi-par auctions (if applicable)
  • Settlement & Closing Service
  • Professional audio visual equipment and speaker system